Schedule W-1 Residential Water Service

Effective January 2, 2024 (Supersedes Schedule W-1 effective January 2, 2023)

5-Year History of Rates and Charges

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This rate schedule is available to and applies to customers purchasing water for residential purposes, including lawn irrigation, provided that:

  1. Customer resides within District boundaries or customer resides outside of District boundaries but also outside of cities and villages served under franchise.
  2. Not more than three apartment units or not more than eight sleeping rooms are connected to one meter, unless all units are occupied by one family.
  3. This Rate Schedule is not available for water used in connection with common areas associated with home owner associations or sanitary improvement districts.


The unit of measure for water billing is CCF. 1 CCF = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons.

Rate – Monthly Billing

Schedule W-1 Residential Water Service

Service Charge:

Meter Size

Monthly Charge







1 1/2″






Commodity Charge (Per 100 Cubic Feet)



First 900 cubic feet



Next 2,100 cubic feet



Over 3,000 cubic feet



* For billing purposes, summer rates will apply to accounts with a charge date of June through October.

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly charge shall be the monthly service charge as indicated above.

Statutory Payment to Cities and Villages

Neb. Rev. Stat. § 14-2138 (2019) requires Metropolitan Utilities District to pay the city of a metropolitan class two (2) percent of the retail sales of water sold by the District within such city. Neb. Rev. Stat. § 14-2139 (2019) requires Metropolitan Utilities District to pay every city or village of any class, other than metropolitan, in which the district sells water, two (2) percent of retail sales of water within such city or village. Two (2) percent has not been included in the above rate. Therefore, the rate for all customers residing inside the corporate limits of a city of a metropolitan class or other city or village in which the district sells water is two (2) percent greater than the rate indicated above.


The monthly bill will be rendered at the above net rate. If not paid within 15 days of date of bill, unpaid water charges are subject to a late payment charge of four (4) percent.

Turn-on Charge

A turn-on charge will be required upon application for water service.

Interruption of Service

Water service under this schedule is subject to restriction or prohibition in the event of an emergency, planned or unplanned work on the water system, or in response to water shortages. The District shall determine and execute the appropriate level of response in accordance with its Water Rules and Regulations.

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