Schedule IT – Interruptible Gas Transportation Service

Effective January 2, 2024 (Supersedes Schedule IT effective January 2, 2023)


Transportation service under this rate schedule is available to customers purchasing gas under interruptible gas rate schedule No. 3 and other customers who have satisfied the District of their ability and willingness to discontinue the use of natural gas during periods of curtailment or interruption by substituting standby facilities or suffering Plant shutdown providing:

  1. Customer’s premises are at a location abutting upon District gas mains of adequate capacity to render such service.
  2. Customer can make all necessary arrangements, at customer’s expense, to cause delivery of customer’s gas to District town border stations when needed.
  3. The Receipt Point must be at a town border station to be designated by District. The Delivery Point must be a District designated meter on customer premises.
  4. Customer shall enter into written contract for transportation services which shall include, but not be limited to provisions on delivery, measurement, notification, billing procedures, balancing procedures, balancing penalties, and liability. Term of contract is to be at District option but not more than one year.


Rate – Monthly Billing

Customer Charge

First Meter


Additional Meters


Service Charge

$1,078.00 per month

Commodity Charge

$0.5732 per Dth delivered

Minimum Monthly Bill

Customer charge plus total applicable service charges

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