Schedule A – Residential Gas Service

Effective January 2, 2024

(Supersedes Schedule A, effective January 2, 2023)

24-Month History of Rates and Charges

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This rate schedule is available to customers purchasing firm gas for residential purposes including space heating, provided:

  1. That not more than three dwelling units equipped with individual appliances be connected to a single meter, unless the area served is utilized by one occupant.
  2. That the combined input ratings of all heating equipment in multiple family dwellings shall not exceed 500 cubic feet (500,000 Btus) per hour.

Metering and Billing Units

Gas meters register in units of cubic feet, either CCF (100 cubic feet) or MCF (1,000 cubic feet). In most cases, the index readings from the meter can be directly applied in the billing process. In some instances, direct readings from the meter index require correction for pressure.

Residential gas meters are read in units of 100 cubic feet (CCF) and billed in Therms. The volume of gas measured in cubic feet is adjusted for heat value and pressure factor to derive the amount of energy used, measured in Therms.

Example: 15 CCF X 1.030 (heat value) X 1.0998 pressure factor = 16.992 therms.

Note: Gas contains varying amounts of energy. The heat value converts the volume of gas (CCF) to an energy volume which is adjusted for gas pressure. The result is the volume of gas billed in therms.

Rate – Monthly Billing

The monthly bill shall consist of the following charges:

Schedule A

Service Charge (monthly)


Gas Infrastructure Replacement Charge (monthly)


Base Commodity Charge (all gas used per therm)


Gas Cost (all gas used)

The minimum monthly bill shall be the sum of the monthly Service Charge and monthly Gas Infrastructure Replacement Charge.

Gas Cost

The Base Commodity Charge will be combined with the Weighted Average Cost of Gas (WACOG) and Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) for a combined Commodity Billing Rate in accordance with Schedule GCA, Gas Cost Adjustment Provisions.

Rates included herein are subject to adjustment for monthly changes in the cost of natural gas to the District and peak shaving cots as provided for in gas rate Schedule GCA, Gas Cost Adjustment Provisions. For current billing rate and/or billing rate history contact the District’s Marketing or Rate Divisions.

Statutory Payment to Cities

Under Sections 14-2138 and 2139, R.R.S.1997, the District is required to pay to each city or village two (2) percent of retail sales of gas. Two (2) percent has not been included in the above rates. Therefore, the rates for all customers residing inside corporate limits is 2 percent greater than the rate indicated above. This 2% statutory requirement does not apply to gas infrastructure replacement charges.


The monthly bill will be rendered at the above net rate. If not paid within fifteen (15) days of date of bill, unpaid gas charges are subject to a late payment charge of four (4) percent.

Turn-on Charge

A turn-on charge will be required upon application for gas service.

Emergency Priority

Gas service under this schedule is subject to curtailment to meet fuel requirements of higher emergency priority customers. Emergency priority customers shall be determined by District or as directed by other governmental authority having jurisdiction.

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