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Infrastructure Replacement Program 2023 Progress Report

In 2023, District and contracted crews worked to replace and update critical infrastructure throughout the gas and water distribution systems.

Prioritization of water main replacements is based on a sophisticated risk model and asset management plan that considers a variety of components, including break history and material vintage. District and contracted crews replaced more than 24 miles of gas mains and more than 18 miles of water mains. Condition assessment on an additional 3.5 miles of water main was completed. This allows the District to plan and mitigate the risk of future breaks.

Whenever possible, we work in conjunction with road projects or the City of Omaha’s combined sewer separation work to save money and minimize inconvenience to our customers and the community.

The infrastructure replacement (IR) program began in 2008, prioritizing the replacement of 560 miles of cast iron gas mains. So far, more than 450 miles have been replaced, and we aim to replace the remaining miles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Nearly 150 miles of water mains have been replaced or rehabilitated.

Gas and water rates include monthly fees to provide long-term funding for the program. The District also issues bonds, as needed, to help fund infrastructure replacement.

To stay up to date on infrastructure projects, visit our interactive map. If a project will impact your neighborhood, we’ll keep you informed through mailings and posts on the Nextdoor app. To learn more about what to expect during an IR project, check out this brief video.