reliably safe. refreshingly good.

We drink it. Shower with it. Irrigate with it. Swim in it. Ice skate on it. Cook with it. Clean with it. Put fires out with it. It’s used in backyards, hospitals, restaurants, agriculture, manufacturing, water parks (and dog parks, too).


In fact, when your water comes from Metropolitan Utilities District, you have an abundant supply of fresh, safe water – available in an instant just by turning on the tap.

it’s what we call m.u.d. on tap.

Designed to celebrate, educate and demonstrate the benefits of tap water here in our community, M.U.D. On Tap promotes our high-quality tap water and all the ways it benefits us. That’s important considering half our bodies are water.


community driven

Beyond the more than 2,900 miles of pipe that delivers water to your home, M.U.D. is connected to the community in lots of ways – as a public utility, through volunteering and sponsorships, and more. And now, with the M.U.D. hydration station, we’ll be bringing fresh, chilled water to community events.

  • Sun, June 30th | 9am-1pm:
    Farmer's Market
  • Sat, July 20th | 7-10pm
    High Heel Concert
  • Sun, July 21st | 9am-1pm
    Farmer's Market
  • Sat, Aug 24th | 7:30-10:30
    CASA 5K
  • Sat, Aug 24th | 7-10pm
    Lemon Fresh Day Concert
  • Sun, Aug 25th | 9am-1pm
    Farmer's Market
  • Sun, Sept 8th | 8am-noon
    Corporate Cup Race
  • Sun, Oct 6th | 8am-1pm
    Susan G Komen Race

m.u.d. is everywhere

With more than 800 employees and 216,000 drinking water customers in Omaha, Bellevue, Bennington, Carter Lake, LaVista, Ralston, Waterloo and the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District. And we continue to update and expand our infrastructure to serve our growing communities.


economical and eco-friendly

In the bottled water debate, M.U.D. On Tap comes out ahead. Our tap water is regulated by the EPA and tested to a much higher standard. You can enjoy our tap water without generating plastic bottle waste.

safety first

More than 1,000 tests per day are conducted on our tap water by the M.U.D. team of chemists and biologists. In fact, our lab is certified by the American Water Works. Most water utilities have to send their water to outside labs.

In addition, EPA watch lists alert us to natural events or other circumstances so we can take action to prevent problems.

Tests Per Day

follow the facts

There’s lots to learn about the water we drink.
Find out about the latest facts, figures and fun events where you’ll find M.U.D. On Tap.