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New Pump Station Nearly Complete

Those driving on Dodge Street near 153rd likely noticed construction of a new building during the past year. Located on the south side of Dodge Street is the District’s new West Dodge Pump Station.

The station was designed to meet peak demands for water in the rapidly developing area of northwest Omaha.

Work occurred in three phases, beginning in spring 2022 with the installation of a 30-inch water transmission main under West Dodge Road. After construction of the pump station began, installation of a water main on the south and north sides of West Dodge Road occurred.

As of June 1, all pumps and all available equipment have been installed and interior piping is complete. Trees have been planted and landscaping is complete as part of the facility’s site landscaping plan.

The station is partially operational, providing approximately two-thirds of the designed pumping capacity of the station. Pending continuing supply chain issues, it is anticipated the station will be fully operational this summer. The station will provide increased efficiency and reliability across our water distribution system.