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Know What’s Below – Dig Safely with 811

Celebrating Safety on August 11

Did you know more than half of reported natural gas incidents are caused by people who dig before utility lines are marked?

On August 11, the utility industry celebrates National 811 Day, designed to promote safe digging. Every day, M.U.D. employees locate underground gas and water services to ensure any disturbance to the ground is done in a safe manner. Through July 31, M.U.D.’s team of 24 locators has responded to 82,444 locate tickets, up from 11% during January through July 2022.

Everyone – from homeowners to professional excavators – is required by law to call Nebraska811 prior to digging. This includes gardening and planting trees, to installing fences, sprinkler systems or patios. The service is free and utility members will visit the planned excavation area and mark it with paint and flags.

Below is a list of colors that correspond with various utilities:

  • White – proposed excavation
  • Pink – temporary survey markings
  • Red – electric
  • Yellow – gas, oil
  • Orange – communications, cable-TV
  • Blue – water
  • Purple – reclaimed water
  • Green – sewer

To see the entire process homeowners must follow, click here.