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Begley Applauds Employees Delivering on M.U.D.’s Mission

As spring weather is now upon us, we are grateful to get through another winter that brought new jargon like “snow squall.” I, like every other M.U.D. customer-owner, felt the impacts of Nebraska’s fierce seasonal shift this past January, but my heart was warmed by those who always show up for our community. The dedicated employees of Metropolitan Utilities District work through all kinds of conditions and weather extremes to provide life-essential gas and water to our homes and businesses.

On all fronts M.U.D. employees are part of an ongoing mission to deliver natural gas and water that is safe, reliable and cost-effective. Pre-pay pipeline agreements that lock in better rates, including our partnership with the Central Plains Energy Project, reduced our gas costs by $12.3 million in 2023. And significant capital improvements at our liquefied natural gas plant allow us to punch back when brutal winter weather hits. The value of these efforts saved $16 million in gas costs over the four-day period in January. In fact, over the last 24 years, we estimate our peak shaving plants have saved $302 million for our customer-owners.

Projects to update our three water production plants – Florence, Platte West and Platte South – continue to safeguard our “triangle of reliability” to supply our growing community. While improvements can be daunting, our board and leadership team are proud to back these efforts. Last fall, I had the privilege of cutting the ribbon at our newest pump station at 153rd and West Dodge Road. The massive new pipes inside are a shining example of our efforts to improve system efficiencies and water pressures immediately and for future generations. The District also broke ground on a second construction center just north of Interstate 680 near Potter Street and Blair High Road. This new facility, slated to open in early 2026, will enhance operational continuity and allow for growth for generations to come.

Our investment in infrastructure is making an impact every day. In 2023, our M.U.D. crews and contractors installed more than 24 miles of new gas mains and more than 16 miles of new water mains. They are accomplishing this while using some of the latest technology to limit social impacts on neighborhoods and homeowners.

In this non-stop world, our gas and water utilities are more vital than ever. We are committed to safe, reliable natural gas that supports our country’s expanding renewable energy portfolio. This includes working with Omaha Public Power District to bring their new natural gas and solar generation balancing plant online near 114th and Military Road later this year. We take pride in making sure you have high quality water always on tap, performing more than 1,000 tests daily to ensure it meets state and federal standards.

The commitment of every individual at M.U.D. is something I am thankful for and do not take for granted. The efforts are awe-inspiring, and it takes everyone working together. I applaud the 900-plus District employees who are dedicated to achieving our mission and goals.

As the newly elected M.U.D. board chair I am honored to continue working with my fellow directors to grow our utility while ensuring reliability and competitive rates for our customer-owners.

Jim Begley
Chair, M.U.D. Board of Directors