Lead Water Line Testing

Welcome to the lead pilot program and thank you for your participation!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently made revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule. Based on these revisions, M.U.D. is conducting this water testing pilot program with customers who currently have a lead service line.

How to Collect the Tap Water Samples:

Thank you for agreeing to collect water samples from your home. These samples are being collected to determine the lead and copper levels, if any, in your tap water. This sampling effort is required by the EPA and your state, and we appreciate those who are willing to cooperate with us through this process.

Please watch the following short video on the proper way to collect your water sample. The steps are outlined below, and you can download instructions here.


Each sample kit should contain five, one-liter bottles labeled 1 through 5. If all five bottles are not present or one or more is damaged, please call or text our Customer Experience Representative at 402.504.0889 to be sent new bottles.

  1. Water must remain stagnant for a minimum of six hours before collection of the water sample. Because of this requirement, the best time to collect samples is either early in the morning before any use, or in the evening upon returning from work if no one was home to use water. A frequently used kitchen or bathroom cold-water faucet should be used for sampling. If you have a water softener or point-of-use treatment device on your tap, please collect your sample from a tap that is not attached to a water softener or point-of-use treatment device if possible. Do not remove or clean the aerator prior to sampling.
  2. Line bottles in order from 1 through 5 and remove caps.
  3. Place bottle 1 under the faucet and open the cold water tap fully. Fill sample bottles, one right after the other, to the neck in rapid sequential order starting with bottle 1 and ending with bottle 5. DO NOT turn off water between sample bottles.
  4. Tightly cap the sample bottles and place in the sample kit provided.
  5. Complete the bottom section of this page for sample collection information.
  6. Place the sample kit outside the residence in the same location the kit was delivered and call or text 402.504.0889 to let our Customer Experience Representative know the sample is ready to be picked up. A M.U.D. employee will pick up the sample as soon as possible.
  7. Results from this monitoring effort will be provided to participating customers when reports are generated for the state. However, if excessive lead and/or copper levels are found, notification will be provided within 24 hours of the laboratory receiving the results.

Call the laboratory at 402.504.7461 or 402.504.7465 if you have any questions regarding these instructions. Thank you!