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Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.) Statement on Water Quality and Safety

At various times of the year, you may notice your water looks, tastes or smells a bit different than normal.

This is most often seen in the late winter and early spring months when the area’s rivers experience spring runoff of natural organic vegetation and minerals due to snow and ice melt or following a heavy rainfall.

Water utilities across the region, including M.U.D., are impacted by the melting of heavy snow and ice in states to the north and west (i.e. Colorado, Montana, the Dakotas).

This additional runoff goes into the upstream rivers and tributaries that eventually feed into the Missouri and Platte Rivers, which provide source water for the Omaha metro area.

M.U.D. continually monitors source water conditions and makes needed adjustments to water treatment processes to ensure water continues to meet all state and federal standards for safe drinking water.

We perform water quality tests more than 1,000 times a day to ensure safety. After the treated water leaves our plants, we test it daily throughout the distribution system. In fact, we conduct a minimum of 300 tests a month for bacteria alone. Every test is conducted in strict accordance with requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.

Visit our water quality page at for more information and to see the current consumer confidence report.

If you need additional information, please call Customer Service at 402.554.6666.


About Metropolitan Utilities District: The mission of the Metropolitan Utilities District, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective natural gas and water services to our community. Overall, the District serves more than 600,000 people in the metro area. The District is the fifth largest public natural gas utility in the United States, serving customer-owners in Omaha, Bennington, Fort Calhoun, Springfield, Yutan and Bellevue. The District also provides safe, high quality drinking water to customer-owners in Omaha, Bellevue, Bennington, Carter Lake, La Vista, Ralston, Waterloo and the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District (which supplies water to Fort Calhoun). For more information, visit