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M.U.D. Makes a Splash at Annual Water Works Festival

Eleven M.U.D. employees lent their expertise to volunteer at the annual Water Works field day, May 2-3, at Schramm Park State Recreation Area. More than 1,200 fifth-grade students were taught about water conservation and its impact on Nebraskans’ lives.

The District has participated in teaching and sponsorship of the event for more than 25 years. Employee volunteers demonstrated and spoke about the water quality treatment process.

The Water Works field day is a two-day event providing outdoor fun and hands-on learning to celebrate our local water. Each student attended six environmentally-focused water sessions taught by Nebraska’s leading water experts.

Sarah Jones, Engineering Design, has volunteered at Water Works for six years. Jones said, “The festival is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about the different types of water and how M.U.D. plays a part in producing water for all uses.”

Derek Duin, Engineering Design, experienced his first time volunteering at the event. He said, “Getting water from the tap is something people take for granted. People rarely think about where water comes from, how it is treated, and how it is used. Water Works is a great way to help kids understand the importance of water and think about it more comprehensively.”

In addition to M.U.D., participating organizations included:

  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Nebraska Extension in Douglas-Sarpy Counties