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August 2022 Bill Insert: Know What’s Below


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It’s free. It’s easy. It’s the law.

August 11 is National 811 Day to raise awareness of the law requiring you to contact 811 at least two business days before any digging project to have utilities located.

Please follow the steps on the back of this flyer before starting a project that disturbs the soil, including anything from gardening and planting trees to installing a fence, sprinkler system or patio. Submit requests online at or call 811 or 800.331.5666.

Homeowner Process:

NOTIFY: Call 811 or visit to make a request at least two business days in advance of your project. The one-call center will transmit information to affected utility operators.

PREPARE: Mark the proposed area of your excavation with white flags or paint prior to the utilities arrival. Ensure the area to be located is safe and accessible by unlocking any gates and securing all pets.

CONFIRM: Wait two days for affected utility operators to respond to your request. Ensure all the utilities notified of your excavation have responded before you begin digging.

FOLLOW: Respect the utility marks (flags or paint) and dig carefully according to regulations. The marks provided by utility operators are your guide for the duration of the project. If you are unable to maintain the marks during your project or the work will continue past your request’s expiration date, contact 811 to ask for refreshed markings.

NOTIFY: If you damage any underground utilities during your excavation, report all damages by calling 811 or 800.331.5666. If you smell natural gas, leave the area and from a safe distance, call 911, followed by M.U.D.’s 24-hour emergency number: 402.554.7777.

PROFESSIONAL EXCAVATORS: For more information on your responsibilities or to review the excavator manual, visit

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