Location: S 13th St from O St to Harrison St and S 15th St from Y St to Polk St
Start Date: 11-07-22
End date: 05-31-23
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Update 3/2/2023:

Gas main installation

13th – completed

15th – completed

Gas services reconnection work from homes/businesses to the new gas main

13th – completed

15th – none required

Soon, our crew will double check the project area in 13th to ensure all services have been reconnected.

OLD Gas main abandonment

13th – 0% complete

15th – no gas main abandonment necessary

There will be two gas main abandonment locations in 13th:

  1. 13th Street between O Street and P Street  – south of 5008 S 13th St property in right of way.
  2. Southbound curb lane of 13th near Harrison Street – abandon/cut valve box out of pavement and backfill.

Our crew will soon be cutting off some existing valves on Madison, Monroe and Drexel Streets.

These cutoffs will be performed after gas services reconnection work is complete and before spring restoration.


13th – mostly complete – continued frost in ground – will finish in spring as necessary; crews will continue to restore service reconnection sites as permitted.

15th – mostly complete – continued frost in ground – will finish in spring as necessary

Overall project status

13th – 90% complete

15th – 95% complete

Update 1/6/2023:

S. 13th Street – M.U.D. crews have completed installation of the new gas main and continue prep work for the reconnection of homes to the new main. Scheduling appointments for the reconnection work is important so work can proceed to completion. We must have all gas services switched to the new main before taking the old main out of service. We appreciate your cooperation as crews continue to complete work in S. 13th Street.

S. 15th Street – M.U.D. technician(s) will be soon be locating utilities in this street. Flags will be placed in yards – for the safety of everyone, please do not remove these flags. After work is completed in S. 13th Street, crews will move to S. 15th Street and install new gas main only. This work will not require access to the homes.