Education Programs

Natural Gas Programs

  • Your Silent Partner

    This demonstration reviews the basics of natural gas: where it comes from, how it works and how it serves the public. (1 hour: 1st – 12th grade)

  • Carbon Monoxide Safety

    Reviews safeguards to keep your home CO-free. (30-45 minutes: adult)

  • Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

    Learn how compressed natural gas, or CNG, is a clean, economical alternative fuel for transportation. (30-45 minutes: high school – adult)

Water Programs

  • A Trip Behind Your Water Faucet

    One of our speakers will come to your classroom to discuss how M.U.D. treats the metro Omaha area’s drinking water. The program includes a short video and is highlighted by a water treatment demonstration where our speaker transforms dirty Missouri River water, known as “raw water” into clear drinking water. (45 minutes to 1 hour: 1st – 12th grade)

  • Careers in Drinking Water

    At Metropolitan Utilities District, we want to open the door to help develop and prepare our young community on the importance of education within a water utility company. This special talk examines seven occupations including engineer, chemist, plant and distribution system operators. One of our qualified employees will come visit and speak with your group about their education and career. (10 minutes to 1 hour: Kindergarten – 12th grade)

  • Consumers Guide to Water Conservation

    This presentation will discuss ways to use wise water tips for indoor and outdoor water conservation. During this talk you will find various inexpensive ways to start saving. (20-30 minutes: high school – adult)

  • Live Green, Think Blue: Use Resources Wisely

    Our speaker will discuss helpful tips to save energy, winterize your home and use water wisely. The video uses a “money saving” approach to the topic, and outlines tips to save natural gas and water resources, while saving money on ones monthly bill. Tips also include improving efficiency of your furnace, reducing the amount of water you heat, reducing wasteful uses of water and using wise-water methods when landscaping or caring for lawns. (50 minutes to 1 hour: 6th grade – adult)

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