M.U.D. Utility Work Due to City of Omaha Streetcar

M.U.D. must relocate gas and water mains to eliminate conflicts for the City of Omaha Streetcar Project OPW 54338.

For more information on the City’s project, click here.

  • Gas Infrastructure Relocation

    View our Omaha Streetcar gas relocation PDF for information on the project.

  • Improving Infrastructure

    Watch our informational video on infrastructure replacement.

  • Omaha Streetcar Route

    View the projected route for the Omaha Streetcar.

Current Relocation Phase: PHASE 1


M.U.D. work completed.


M.U.D. work completed.


Work started the week of February 12 (duration 8 – 10 weeks).

Traffic and parking restrictions on Farnam are in place.

  • Due to the gas main relocation work, services will need replaced and/or reconnected in the area.
  • Lane restrictions/closures – traffic control will be in place.
  • All work and dates are approximate and barring any unplanned delays.

Omaha Streetcar Project Timeline

  • Research, Studies & Planning: COMPLETE

    2016 – 2022

  • Preliminary Design (15% & 30%): COMPLETE

    Summer 2022 – Fall 2023: Traffic & utility relocations may begin as early as fall 2023

  • Final Design (60% & 90%): LIVE

    Spring 2023 – Summer 2024: Vehicle bid documents due in January 2024

  • Mainline Construction: PLANNED

    Summer 2024 – Spring 2027: Traffic & utility relocations concurrent with mainline construction, as early as summer 2024

  • Testing & Pre-service Operations: PLANNED

    Winter 2026

  • In Service: PLANNED

    Spring 2027

DISCLAIMER: This page is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Plans for water main relocation work are still being finalized.