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About My Bill

You will receive your M.U.D. bill at approximately the same time each month. If you don’t receive it, e-mail or call 402.554.6666 for a duplicate.  You also may view a .pdf of your bill through MY ACCOUNT/BILL PAY.  M.U.D. provides a cost-saving service to municipalities by collecting sewer use rates and trash pickup fees which may be included in your monthly bill. The sewer and trash rates and fees are set by your city.

Questions about a past due bill? Call 402.554.6666.

For large print bills, e-mail  or call 402.554.6666.

For information about how to read your bill click "How to read my bill" to the right.

Service Request

Your acceptance of service from us creates a contract. If you need any clarification, please call Customer Service, 402.554.6666, or outside the calling area, 1.800.732.5864.

By accepting gas and/or water service from M.U.D., you agree to comply with all District Gas and Water Rules and Regulations, and Gas and Water Rate Schedules.

Start / Stop / Transfer Service

To stop, start or transfer service, call 402.554.6666 a minimum of two working days before your move. If you plan to move during a holiday weekend, it's best to call one week prior as many people chose those days to move. There is a processing fee to turn on or transfer service to a different address. There is no charge to turn off services.

NEW! You may also request to stop, start or transfer service with our online forms available under the My Home button.

Buying a house? Check with the seller or Realtor about the existing water service or private line. When was it installed? Have there been any repairs? If the service is very old and made of a material that can corrode, the service line may be deteriorated. If the water service line leaks, you're responsible for repairs.

Submit manual meter reading

Direct link to on-line form: You also can find it under the My Home button.

Payment Difficulties

If you're having trouble paying your M.U.D. bill, please give us a call at 402.554.6666 to discuss payment arrangements. We also can refer you to a number of agencies who may be able to provide financial assistance.

The United Way of the Midlands 2-1-1 Program also is another option. By calling 211, representatives of the United Way of the Midlands may be able to refer you to social service agencies which help with utility bills in emergencies.

Third Party Notification

If you know someone who may face the possibility of shut-off, ask that person to list you on the Third Party Notification.

If a shut-off notice is mailed, you'll receive a copy. While you are not responsible for the bill, it gives you a chance to help out.

Call 402.554.6666 for more information about Third Party Notification.

Shut-off policy

Customers typically begin facing shut-offs when they owe $100 or more.
The District shuts off service only as a last resort.

We will work with customers to set up individual payment arrangements. For those who can't pay, we may be able to connect them with sources of assistance.

Call 402.554.6666 to make arrangements if you have received a shut off notice, or e-mail us.

Bill Pay Options

The District offers a variety of bill payment options, including:

  • On-line at You may register and log-in to see more account information or you may do a one-time payment. Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards accepted.
  • Call 402.554.6666 and follow the automated menu to make a payment. (If you prefer, you may speak to a customer service agent).
  • Sign up for the Bank Draft Plan to have your bill automatically paid via your financial institution every month. Look under Related Resources to your right for the form. You may also call 402.554.6666 to sign up for this convenience.
  • Mail your payment with your bill remittance.
  • Bring your payment to our downtown office, 1723 Harney St. We also have an overnight drop box.
  • Drop off your full payment at locations listed in the drop-down menu below. You must have your bill with you to make a payment. Please call the business ahead to verify its policies as they may have changed. Please allow two to three business days for the payment to arrive at the M.U.D. office if you pay your bill by mail or at one of these businesses.

Credit Card

To pay with Mastercard or VISA credit or debit card by phone, call 402.554.6666.

Bank Draft

With the Bank Draft Payment, there's no need to worry because your gas and water bill will be paid automatically every month - just like direct deposits and other automatic payments. Forget about stamps, writing checks and late payment fees. You will receive a copy of your bill every month, and may cancel your participation at any time.
To sign up for this convenience, call 402.554.6666 or fill out the bank draft authorization form (located in Related Resources to the right). Mail or e-mail it to us with a voided check.

Terms of Authorization for the Bank Draft Payments:
The financial institution named on the authorization form is authorized to pay my monthly Metropolitan Utilities District bill, and to deduct each payment from my checking/savings account. I understand M.U.D. may make needed adjustments to entries. I agree that each payment shall be the same as a check personally signed by me. This authority remains in effect until revoked by me. I have the right to stop payment of a charge by timely notification to M.U.D. prior to charging my checking or savings account. I understand, however, the financial institution or the Metropolitan Utilities District each reserves the right to terminate the bank draft payment option (or my participation therein).

Budget Plan

Though seasonal temperatures vary, your gas and water bill remains the same every month with the Budget Plan. Your household's annual gas and water use is spread evenly over 12 months, so the payment is the same every month!

chart comparing monthly budget plan payment to monthly utility expense

Your budget payment is based on your annual use divided across a 12-month period. This figure is adjusted for average temperatures to project normal natural gas and/or water use and any anticipated rate change.

At the end of the budget year, a credit or debit balance automatically is factored into the next 12-month cycle (this also includes customers who take advantage of the bank draft option).

You may begin the Budget Payment Plan any month of the year, provided you have an account balance of zero. You may cancel the plan any time. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please call us at 402.554.6666, or e-mail us.

Budget plan increases:

We review the last 12 months of history, project out for weather (degree days and precipitation) and also any known or anticipated rate increases for gas, water and sewer. We are a billing agent for several different cities and take into account their sewer rates for the budget plan. Currently, budget plan increases are primarily due to sewer rate increases.

Bill payment locations

he following locations accept full payments only. You must have your bill with you to make a payment.

To pay your bill on time and avoid a late fee:

  • Please allow two to three business days for the payment to arrive at the M.U.D. office if you pay your bill by mail, at OPPD, Hy-Vee, a bank or other business.
  • Please call the business ahead to verify its policies as they may have changed.

Locations which accept your payment, do not require you to be their customer and do not charge a fee:

  • American Interstate Bank, 3331 N. 204 St., Elkhorn, NE 68022; 402.289.2551
  • Bank of Nebraska, 7223 S. 84 St.; 402.331.8550
  • First Westroads Bank, 15750 W. Dodge Rd.; 402.330.7200; 612 N. 98 St.; 402.330.7200
  • Hy-Vee Stores (call ahead, policy varies by store)
  • OPPD Offices and Payment Centers; 402.536.3850
    • Downtown Omaha -- OPPD Energy Plz., 444 S. 16 St. Mall (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.)
    • North Omaha -- Commercial Federal Bldg., 2950 Ames Ave. (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday; 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Saturday)
    • South Omaha -- Stockyards Plz. Shopping Center, 3319 L St. (9 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday-Friday; 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Saturday)
    • Ashland -- 108 N. 15 St.
    • Bellevue -- 1103 S. Galvin Rd.
    • Blair -- 716 Front St.
    • Humboldt -- 1025 Fourth St.
    • Louisville -- First & Main Sts.
    • North Bend -- 211 W. Eighth St.
    • Syracuse -- 935 11 St.
    • Tecumseh -- 724 N. First St.
    • Valley -- 203 N. Spruce St.
  • Springfield State Bank, 600 Main St., Springfield, NE 68059; 402.253.2222

Locations which accept your payment, require you to be their customer and do not charge a fee:

  • Bank of Bennington, 12212 N. 156th St., Bennington, NE 68007; 402.238.2245
  • Bank of Nebraska, 42 & Center Sts.; 402.537.7142
  • Great Western Bank, 402.952.6000
    • 919 Galvin Rd. S.
    • 6015 NW Radial Hwy.
    • 14545 W Center St.
    • 7201 Maple St.
    • 9290 W. Dodge Rd.
    • 4040 S. 84 St.
    • 4718 L St.
  • Omaha State Bank; 402.333.9100
    • 12100 W. Center Rd.
    • 156 & W. Dodge Rd.
    • 132 & W. Maple Sts.
    • 168 & Q Sts.
  • Pinnacle Bank
    • 1200 Golden Gate Dr., Papillion
    • 102 E. Cary St., Papillion
    • 700 Tara Plz., Papillion
    • 8401 W. Dodge Rd.; 402.391.3500
    • 10805 Q St.
    • 2710 S. 114 St.
  • Premier Bank; 402.558.8000
    • 72 & Military St.
    • 90 & Fort Sts.
    • 108 & Maple Sts.
    • 114 & Dodge Ave.
    • 805 S. Galvin Rd.
  • Security National Bank; 402.661.3170
    • 3500 Farnam St.
    • 7805 Cass St.
    • 10808 Elm St.
    • 7120 Redick Ave.
    • 142 & Millard Ave.
    • 52 & Center Sts.
    • 120 & Stonegate Dr.

Locations which accept your payment, do not require you to be their customer and charge a fee:

  • Chubbs Finer Foods, 2905 N. 16 St.; 402.346.5011 ($1)
  • Metropolitan Building & Loan, 2739 N. 61 St.; 402.553.3611 ($0.25)
  • First National Bank ($2)
    • 132 & Maple Sts.
    • 16 & Dodge Sts.
    • 24 & Oak Sts.
    • 48 & Ames Sts.
    • 50 & G Sts.
    • 76 & Cass Sts.
    • 2411 & 84 St.
    • 7855 S. 84 St.
    • 3205 N. 90 St.
    • 90 & Fort Sts.
    • 114 & W. Dodge Rd.
    • 127 & Q Sts.
    • 132 & Center Sts.


The Heat Aid Fund was established by M.U.D. in 1983 and is administered by The Salvation Army. The Fund has served more than 30,000 customers since its inception.

How it works

If you need help to pay utility bills, the first step is to contact the Nebraska Energy Assistance Program at 1.800.383.4278 or apply on-line.


  • Recipients must have received a shut-off notice and have made an attempt to qualify for assistance under other governmental programs.
  • The applicant must reside in the District's service area, be age 60 or older; or disabled (proof of disability is required); or be in a crisis situation.
  • No more than $500 per household in a heating season.
  • Applicants have to work with The Salvation Army on general budgeting skills and have a consistent payment history.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment for an interview, call The Salvation Army at 402.898.5966.

Give to Heat-Aid

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor if you have questions.

There are three easy ways to give:

  1. Write an amount on the front of your bill statement. The amount you specify will begin a monthly pledge. I understand Heat-Aid contributions may be changed or canceled at any time by calling M.U.D., 402.554.6666.
  2. Download and complete Give to Heat Aid form (located in 'Related Resources' to the right) and send to: 
    Heat Aid Fund
    Metropolitan Utilities District
    1723 Harney Street
    Omaha, NE 68102-1960
  3. Mail contributions directly to:
    Heat Aid Fund, Salvation Army
    10755 Burt St.
    Omaha, NE 68114
    Your gift will be acknowledged.



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