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Temporary road closure at S. 50th St., Bancroft to Spring Sts.

M.U.D. plans to begin installation of new gas and water mains and services in S. 50th Street, from Bancroft Street to Spring Street, on Monday, April 18.

To expedite the construction schedule, the City of Omaha granted permission for M.U.D. to close S. 50th Street, from Bancroft Street to Spring Street, to local traffic only while construction is taking place.

This work will also affect residents in Bancroft Circle and Frederick Circle. Local access to this area will be provided to residents and emergency vehicles during construction. The City will detour traffic to S. 42nd Street and S. 60th Street during construction.

For more details, view this letter.

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05/26/16  SCAM ALERT

Some M.U.D. customers, including restaurants and retailers, have received calls from people threatening to shut off their service and attempting to collect payment. Please do not give the caller any account information and call 402.554.6666 to report it immediately. These scammers are sophisticated and may have caller ID that says M.U.D. or shows the Customer Service phone number. The District does not collect payments at customers' homes or businesses.


  1. You have the right to tell the M.U.D. employee calling that you would like to call M.U.D. back to verify the information being presented. The contact number for Customer Service is 402.554.6666.
  2. We do not collect payments at customers' homes or businesses.
  3. We will not demand a particular form of payment. All customers have the ability to pay M.U.D. using any form of payment we accept. M.U.D. offers a variety of bill payment options, including:
  • On-line at MyAccount. You may register and log-in to see more account information or you may make a one-time payment. Visa or Mastercard accepted.
  • Call 402.554.6666 and follow the automated menu to make a payment. (If you prefer, you may speak to a customer service agent).
  • Sign up for the Bank Draft Plan to have your bill automatically paid via your financial institution every month. Click here for the form. You may also call 402.554.6666 to sign up for this convenience.
  • Mail your payment with your bill remittance.
  • Bring your payment to our downtown office, 1723 Harney St. We also have an overnight drop box.
  • Drop off your full payment at other locations that accept payments; visit the Customer Service page and look under Bill Pay Options.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued an alert on the Green Dot scam, summarized here:

  • A customer receives a telephone call from an individual claiming to be from a utility company. The caller indicates that the customer’s power, water, or gas will be turned off within a short period of time if they do not immediately make a payment. The callers are able to manipulate the Caller ID on the customer’s phone so that it appears as though the call is actually coming from the utility company.
  • The caller then tells the customer that payment is only accepted through the purchase of a “Green Dot” pre-paid debit card, typically available at Walgreens, CVS, or RiteAid.
  • The caller provides the customer with a number to call to make the payment once they have purchased the Green Dot card. Or, the caller calls the customer back so they can make their payment and does not give them a number.
  • Once the customer has provided the caller with the Green Dot payment information, their money is gone permanently. This differs from previous similar scams that allowed for credit card or checking account payments which provided the customer with some ability to recoup their money following the scam.
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Utility worker imposters

All M.U.D. employees carry photo I.D. cards and most wear blue uniforms. If someone comes to your door claiming to be with the gas or water company:

  • Ask to see their M.U.D. photo I.D.
  • If you have questions or want to confirm the purpose of a worker at your door, call M.U.D. Customer Service at 402.554.6666.
  • If the person is unable to produce valid ID or if you feel threatened, do not let the person in and call the police.
  • Remember, M.U.D. does not collect money from customers at their homes or businesses.
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June board meeting

Draft documents for the June 1 committee and board meetings.

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