Alert icon Water line warranty programs
The District currently is not affiliated with warranty programs for service line repairs. As with any service offered,... more »
Alert icon Energy Pledge Hotline Open: 402.504.7885
Customers may now call 402.504.7885 to check the status of an energy pledge to their account. When you call the hotline... more »
Gas or Water Emergencies:

Do not start motors or appliances, light matches, cigarette lighters, flashlights; do not use the light switch or cell phone. Get everyone out of the building.
CALL 402.554.7777

Projects in your area:

Here is a listing of current infrastructure upgrade and maintenance projects in your area.

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rain sensor, rebate, sprinkler system

Rain Sensor Shut-Off Device Rebate

How many times have you driven down the street while it’s pouring rain and one of your neighbors or a business has its sprinkler system on?  You...
March 28, 2014  more »

Preparing for Spring

With spring arriving, you might be getting prepared to turn on your sprinkler system. To conserve water, make sure your sprinkler heads are in...
March 24, 2014  more »